Three green ideas that will save your company time and money

Going green isn’t only ethically correct, more often than not it’s good for business.

There’s a wide array of green strategies and tools businesses can leverage to not only reduce waste, but reduce operation costs and increase efficiency. Below are  few eco-friendly strategies Greymart implements that businesses across all industries can use to save time and money.

  • Virtual Meetings: For many companies a large portion of their overhead stems from travel costs associated with traveling sales teams and company meetings. A company normally pays not only that traveling employees salary, but their boarding, transportation, food, and entertainment.  These costs can quickly turn into absorbant overheads which is why Greymart has a 70%/30% rule. To reduce pollution and costs, Greymart issued a company wide policy that 70%  of communication must take place through online mediums, and only 30% of meetings and travel are to be had through physical contact. After instating this policy almost 9 years ago, Greymart has saved well over $600,000 in travel and transportation costs. Online meetings can be used for;
    • Training & Education Sessions
    • Internal meetings that can bring together out of area branches, sales teams, and management.
    • Pre & post sales client meetings.
    • For more information about virtual meetings, we recommend visiting We’ve found it to be an extremely useful and effective tool in our own organization.
  • Electronic Storage: Hundreds, even thousands of hours are wasted filing, ordering, and searching for internal and external documents. More importantly it costs almost twice as much to store information physically as it does virtually. Less then 10% of Greymarts  internal documents are stored physically which allows complete and instant access to almost any  information an employee might need. Storing information virtually has become extremely affordable and requires little training and integration (dependent  upon the complexity of your business).These are just a few of the benefits of using electronic storage;
  • Reduced operation costs both through labor, paper costs, and mailing.
  • Networking capabilities allow your employees anytime, anywhere to access communication
  • Data is capable of being backed up daily and in multiple areas to reduce risk.
  • PDFs: PDF’s are a great way to send and receive all types of information. Rather then spend money on paper, printing, and mailing, PDF’s allow you to send almost anything via e-mail. Beyond our physical advertising and marketing tools (used mainly for trade shows), Greymart use almost zero paper product thanks to it’s efficient use of internal and external communicatesvia PDF documents.
  • Allows information to be searched and targeted unlike physical information.
  • Gives you the ability to reach your contact by e-mail as well as their phone, doubling your contact points.
  • Allows receiver of PDF to organize the information and return to it later much easier then physical print.

For more information on how to implement the advice above, please feel free to contact Greymart Recovery Services by e-mail or phone.

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